Friday, April 01, 2016

Friendship of the Grown-Up Variety

I have been thinking a lot lately about the friendships you experience as an adult, and how they are different from the friendships you have at earlier life stages.

For one thing, it is harder to make friends as you get older. For another, once you are married or have kids, you not only have to find people that accept you and mesh well with you, you kind of hope they have a spouse and kiddos that mesh with yours.

If you're lucky you have friends from your youth that meet all of this criteria... or they are just more accepting because you already have so much history together.

Earlier this week, Daniel's good friend (and best man from our wedding) came to visit us, his family in tow. 

While we don't see them nearly enough (it's been 3 years since our last visit), we love to get together when we can. They are the kind of friends we can just pick up with where we dropped off, even three years later.

As an added bonus, even though our kids are slightly off in ages, they play really well together.

We had so much fun taking Matt and Melissa, and their kids, to the Creative Discovery Museum here in Chattanooga, then to our neighborhood playground, and finally to the Pumpkin Patch playground on our mountain.

We visited. We ate good food. We enjoyed the sunshine. And the visit ended too soon. I'm so grateful for the friendships we have, old and new, near and far.

While it can be increasingly difficult to make and maintain friendships in this season of life, we have been blessed with some really great friends over the years. I hope our kids grow up to have these longstanding friendships as well.

Speaking of friendship, one of my favorite bloggers recently instagrammed this photo and caption:

It captures what I long for (not necessarily 139 visitors in one month), but a door that is always open, regardless of the messiness of our house or life.

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