Monday, April 04, 2016

Outside 365 | March 2016

Even though we started out the month with snow, March became progressively nicer and we were able to spend all but the first day of the month outdoors (30 days outside!).

In March we spent countless hours at parks, we took hikes, we visited a cave in Florida, Isaac learned the joy of swinging, Jack discovered tee ball, and Daniel and I got to go on a mountain biking date.

This month we welcomed spring to our mountain with red buds blooming wherever we drove and the trees coming back to life with vibrant greens. It was a good month to be outside.

We experienced a few good rains and wrapped up the month with Jack enjoying puddles at one of our favorite playgrounds. I'm looking to continuing to spend our days outside, adventuring when we can and enjoying the stillness of nature on days that are slower.

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