Friday, April 29, 2016

The Feed Co.

Lately Daniel and I have been sticking close to home for our eat out nights. Let's be honest, with two little ones, sometimes it's just easier to run to the handful of restaurants on our mountain. But there are only so many times you can do Mexican or pizza before you crave something different.

Several months ago I ate with a friend at Clyde's on Main and noticed The Feed co. Table & Tavern across the street. My interest was piqued but an opportunity to go had not presented itself.

Last night Daniel and I were both in the mood to try something new so we agreed to meet at the bottom of the mountain when he got home from work and drive downtown. I checked Trip Advisor for some new options and was reminded of The Feed co.

Chattanooga has so many good restaurants (many are fairly new) and The Feed co. doesn't actually appear until #44. Since many of our favorites eateries are in the top 50, I figured it was still worth a visit (to be fair it is #2 on the bars/pubs list).

On a Thursday night, the patio of The Feed co. was packed, but inside (at 6pm) was almost empty. I was surprised at how huge the place was. The interior is beautiful – very industrial rustic, with many original features (thick lead windows, metal ceiling tiles, etc.).

We were bummed to be inside on such a beautiful day, but having the place mostly to ourselves (with little ones) had its perks.

Jack is great at eating out. We have done it enough that he knows the drill. He even placed his own order, immediately telling our waiter that he wanted spaghetti. When our food came out, his plate was actually penne with red sauce and I thought he might have a preschooler meltdown (he rarely has fits, but you never know). Thankfully he was cool about it. I just told him it was pasta and that spaghetti was also pasta. He liked that he could blow through the penne (he is a little boy after all!). I don't know if they were out of spaghetti or what, but I think their menu should match what comes to the table (especially when it comes to kids). Jack thought the pasta was great and he finished his plate.

Daniel ordered the Grilled Salmon. It came with creamed corn, green beans and crab salad. It was excellent. Meanwhile I ordered the Smoked Chicken Penne and man, it was delicious. That first bite of roasted chicken with the creamy penne was a fantastic combination. Isaac enjoyed sampling all of our food.

We liked that The Feed co. didn't feel uppity or pretentious. While there weren't a ton of kids there, we didn't feel out of place with kids in tow. They are a little more expensive than we would spend on a regular eat out night, but the food was excellent. They have recently started serving a Sunday brunch and I would definitely be up for going back to give it a try (you know I love breakfast!). If you are looking for a new place to try, I would definitely consider The Feed co.!

The Feed Co. Table & Tavern Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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