Thursday, July 20, 2017

Family Time

Last Sunday some of my family (the Southern Lock Flock) were gathering at my brother's for a meal and time to visit – we had a similar gathering back in May. I had the bright idea that we should go and also tack on a visit with Daniel's family (who we haven't seen since Isaac's birthday).

One city, two families... no big deal, right?

We had a great time, especially our boys, but we may have bit off more than we could chew.

Daniel actually had to go into work at 7am on a Sunday morning to try to get caught up on some projects. We picked him up at 11am and made the drive to my brother's for lunch of homemade fajitas.

We visited, the kids may have broken a window (sorry Mark!), and we had lots of laughs. Angela can't make our extended family reunion in Canada at the end of the month (she and my niece are headed to Panama on a medical mission trip), so it was nice to get in some extra cousin time since we won't see them next week.

We planned to meet Daniel's family for an early dinner, and were headed to see them around 4:30pm. Daniel's sisters, significant others, and his mom provided more fun and entertainment for our boys.

Nana (Daniel's mom) had Pirate's Booty (a favorite cheese puff snack) for the boys, as well as a handful of childhood toys from the 80s. Someone also had a t-ball stand, bat and ball. The boys had a blast taking turns hitting the ball. We need to work on their base running.

For dinner we grabbed pizza from Five Points Pizza and took it to a local park to let the kids burn off the last of their energy. We said goodbyes at 7pm (8pm our time) and hit the road.

With a stop for coffee and then construction on the way home, we did not get there until 11pm. AND Daniel had to go back to work. We will both be glad when his hours return to normal.

Visiting both families in one afternoon was a bit much, but I'm glad we fit it all in. The boys always enjoy seeing family and this will tide them over until the next visit.

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