Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Town Pool with Friends

Our little mountain town has a local pool and every summer we debate whether to purchase a membership.

Since our first visit wasn't until mid-July, we held off again this summer, but I'm pretty sure next summer will be the year we get a pass.

Anyways, this was our very first visit to the town pool. I had heard that the water was extra cold and that kids that swim on the town swim team always freeze at practice at the beginning of the summer. Our experience was that by later afternoon, the water was plenty warm.

Jack loved hopping in from the side of the pool and is getting braver with each jump. By the end of our visit, he had gotten up the courage to jump off the diving board (with his life jacket).

Isaac had fun splashing around in the kiddie pool. And eating. This kid is always happy as long as he has snacks nearby.

We were with friends, so at first we split up and took turns watching our littles in the kiddie pool and the bigger kids in the big pool.

It was a fun outing, and I think we will be back when we can throughout the rest of the summer.

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