Friday, July 07, 2017

Friend Friday: Warner Park, 2017

It wouldn't be summer without a trip to the Warner Park Pool to meet friends (our first visit here was back in 2013, the kids were a lot smaller then!).

We try to go at least a couple of times each summer and we always have a great time.

Isaac is getting braver at the splash pad, even going down the little slide a few times.

Jack was brave and did the huge slide (he first tried it last summer), though he got scared at the top and had to be talked down by the life guard on his first attempt. Round two, easy peasy.

And my good friend, Courtney, was nice enough to do the swim test and then join Jack on the obstacle course along with her youngest girls.

I have been dealing with hip pain all summer and didn't think I could do the swim test or obstacle course :(

I'm thankful for a friend who is willing to step up and help my kids when I can't.

Isaac's favorite place to hang out is the 2-foot pool. He likes to float around/walk in the shallow.

Jack convinced Courtney to do the obstacle course with him several more times.

I think by next year, he will figure out how to pass the swim test and do the obstacle course as much we will let him!

We had a fun afternoon, swimming, playing, and visiting with friends.

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