Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monte Sano, Part II

Back in April we tried our first day hike with Jack and it was a failure success, depending on how you looked at it. Today we went back to Monte Sano and had a much better experience.

First off we decided to skip out on taking Sophie. As much as we love our dog, she tends to add an extra layer of difficulty. Any day other than Sunday, we can take her with us, but our Sunday's are just not dog friendly.

Second, we tried to do a better job of adjusting our kid carrier in the parking lot. We also continued to adjust it on the trail since Jack seems to lean to the left. Unfortunately this gives me terrible sciatic nerve pain in my right hip. We will have to keep working on this. I think once he is bigger he will sit more naturally centered in the pack.

Third, we had no trouble finding our trailhead. We were just dummies in April. Bad moods made us stupid. The hike was lovely – all in the woods. Actually perfect for mountain biking {though we won't be doing that any time soon with an infant}. I love views, and since it is early summer, the views are minimal thanks to all of the full, green trees. I am sure the views are amazing in winter, but for now I will have to be content with a walk in the woods.

Fourth, Jack did pretty well. He got fussy about halfway into our 3-mile hike. Then he conked out and slept all of the way back to the car. My hip was hurting pretty badly towards the end of the hike {see above}. Also, I have come to the conclusion that after ten years I believe it is time to retire my beloved hiking boots and get a new pair. Those things have seen a lot of miles on many different trails in many states. I will be sad to say goodbye to them.

Finally, Daniel and I were in much better spirits on this hike. It was a bit warm, but the shade kept us cool. It is nice to be hiking again. Not sure how many hikes we can squeeze in before it is too hot for Jack. But today was nice.

Trail Stats:
Monte Sano State Park
Huntsville, Alabama
South Plateau Trail to Fire Tower Connector Trail
3 miles
Flat hiking, some rocks and roots. Well maintained trail. Nice and wide. Would be perfect for mountain biking with kids in the future. Views would be much better in the winter.

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