Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shriner's Fish Fry

I mentioned before that we are trying to be more active in participating in community events. Sometimes our "community" is Chattanooga {my recent 5K} and sometimes it is Huntsville {where we attend church}. But most of our time is spent in Hollywood or Scottsboro and when we see a sign advertising a local event, we are making efforts to go {like attending the Horse Whisperer back in March}.

This month's cultural local event was the annual Jackson County Shriner's Fish Fry and Car Show. We had intended to go last year, but I think that we were out of town. The event was at City Park in Scottsboro and free to attend. 

There were various booths – mostly local artists/crafters. The cars were a main attraction, though it was a small show. Our favorite was an old red Ford Bronco in pristine condition. There was a '93 Toyota Tacoma that was Daniel's dream car when he was 13 {note the year}. 

Our favorite were the little motorcyles... 

and a corvette that was hauling a small trailer.

We decided that we should set up our own booth because Jack was an attraction on his own... While we were stopped to get shaved ice, everyone that walked by stopped to say hi to our little one. It helps that he grins at ANYONE.

For kids they had the big jumpy things {I am such a great parent that I don't even know what they are called!}. The best part is they are free. You could also fish for free – the city even provided fishing poles for a kid's fishing tournament. We thought that was pretty cool. 

Finally we made it over to the fish fry. For $14 we received two plates of food and cokes and were able to support a good cause. The food was tasty and the people were friendly. One of the volunteers told us that while the Shriner's are known for helping children who have suffered burns, they also help with orthopedic problems and things like cleft palate.

We enjoyed our Saturday morning/afternoon. Thankfully we went earlier in the day because a storm with really heavy rain moved through this afternoon and it would have been miserable to get caught in that kind of downpour with Jack in tow!

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