Thursday, May 03, 2012

Thursday Things (Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a Mother)

Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a Mother

1. I was selfish before. I didn't think I was and I wouldn't have considered myself to be selfish, but being a mom requires putting EVERY.thing else in front of your own needs.

2. I never thought I would be able to change a diaper without keeling over. I change at least eight a day. I would be lying if I didn't say that I am dreading what real food will do to diaper changes. Only a couple more weeks to enjoy the "easy" diaper changes.

3. Being a mom isn't as scary as I assumed it would be. 

4. I didn't have to change who I was after I became a mom. Jack is an extension of me. Not the other way around.

5. Finding time to spend with Daniel requires effort. Thank goodness for nap times and early bedtimes for a certain little one.

6. Finding time for myself {especially since I have been working more over the last couple of months} is next to impossible. It is something I am working on. I read snippets of books while I am nursing Jack. I try to exercise, even if it is only a walk a couple of times a week.

7. My sister once told me that the secret to losing weight was to have a baby... this is no lie. Nursing {for me} is like a miracle diet pill that I never knew existed. I don't actually believe in "miracle diet pills" but I have lost 35+ pounds {after only gaining 20 during pregnancy} with little to no exercise.

8. Before having a baby I didn't think I watched very much television. Now I barely watch TV at all. I'm still addicted to the internet, but TV is no longer something I use to zone out with. I would rather hang out with Jack and Daniel.

9. Eating hot meals is a thing of the past. Interestingly it doesn't bother me in the least.

10. I had no idea that I would fall absolutely head-over-heels, in love with my little one. I never thought of myself as a "kid" person, but my little guy has rocked my world. I love him so much.

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