Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Things (Things I Have Learned From My Mom)

Things I Have Learned From My Mom

1. Empathy for those around me.

2. How to be easy going and roll with the punches.

3. Knowledge that my house doesn't have to be in perfect order to have people over. Besides, it is better to sweep the floors after people leave {when they are actually dirty}.

4. No matter how much food is on the table, there will always be a little left over.

5. Never turn away a guest, even if you don't think there is enough food. See number 4.

6. Fish and family stink after three days. This is a joke in our family, but three days does seem to be the perfect amount of time to be together.

7. The ability to live a life of poise and grace even in the midst of adversity.

8. The importance of maintaining a friendship with my spouse.

9. A love for books and reading.

10. The power of prayer. We sometimes joke that if you really need God to answer a prayer, you should ask my mom to pray. All joking aside, I have seen God do some amazing things through prayer.

Happy {early} Mother's Day Mom! 
I have learned so much from you and love you tremendously!

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