Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Four Hour Tour: Paddling the Flint River


I have a confession to make. This week (really this month) has been long and stressful and yesterday, Daniel and I were secretly hoping that it would rain and we would be able to cancel our canoe trip.

Horrible, I know, but life is just crazy. Daniel started working at a new location. Jack and I have been busy traveling to visit with family. And we have been in the process of preparing for Daniel's dad's wedding tomorrow. Life has been busy.

As much as we considered bailing on a trip we had planned, we are so thankful that it didn't rain. We really need some time to relax, cut up with friends and just be together. It was a much needed diversion from the chaos that is currently our life.

Fun Facts of the Day: 
Only one person fell out of their canoe. Though it wasn't a true fall. Paul got out into what he thought was two feet of water and was surprised and lost his footing when he realized it was deeper. I am sure his wife, Courtney, was thankful he didn't tip their canoe over when he fell in the water.

Kyle wins the award for the most random and sneakiest exit from a canoe. I don't think his wife, Karissa, even had a clue he was in the water until after it happened. Kudos, Kyle, for your mad skills at getting in and out of your boat.

Aaron did a fantastic job for being in a canoe for the first time. Most first-timers spend the entire trip zigzagging all over the river. Aaron only zigged and zagged a couple of times. We were impressed with his abilities, especially for his first time!

Many turtles were spotted, and then Allison went and spotted a 9-inch snake when we banked for lunch. I think there was a consensus that it was a water moccasin... time to get back in the boats!

At the end, four of our boats got snagged on a tree when we bottle necked. Fun times. Thankfully no one flipped their boat and we were able to get everyone unstuck.

It was a gorgeous day to be on the river. Like I said, we are so thankful it didn't rain and that we were able to spend some time with our friends.

Paddling Stats:
River: The Flint, on the east side of Huntsville, Alabama
We put in at Ryland Pike and took out at Little Cove Road
Outfitter: Northa Alabama Canoe and Kayak (NACK). 
This is our second time using this outfitter and we really like them.
Total miles paddled: 7.3 miles
Total time on the water: around 4 hours

We're looking forward to our next paddling trip.

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