Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jack and Sophie

At 19.5 months, Jack and Sophie have a fairly decent relationship. Especially considering Sophie hated just about everyone when we got her. ESPECIALLY kids. She has really grown in this department. She still has her moments when Jack annoys her, but for the most part, they have a pretty good understanding of each other.

Every morning, Sophie comes into the nursery and waits until I get Jack up. Lately, I have been letting Jack pick out his own clothes for the day. While I help him get dressed, Soph wanders in and lets Jack pet her before we head downstairs.

Recently Jack has graduated from wanting to play in the dog food (we had to hide it in the laundry room) to wanting to actually try to feed Sophie – ie scooping out food and putting it in her food dish. He is actually pretty proficient at this task. He also likes to stick his hands (and feet) in her water bowl, so we are still working on that.

Sophie gets very concerned when Jack is crying and will come check on him. However, if she is trying to take a nap, she is not fond of him coming to check on her.

I hope that one day they are good pals. 

I am loving that Jack is becoming interested in helping us with little things around the house. Besides trying to feed Sophie, he also helps at laundry time by moving dry clothes from the dryer to the basket and putting wet clothes (that I hand him) into the dryer. He also helps me put away his clothes. He is becoming quite the little helper.

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