Thursday, June 06, 2013

Play Date: KidVenture

Yesterday Jack and I headed to Madison, Alabama to meet up with friends at KidVenture for a little bit of rainy day fun.

KidVenture is basically a huge indoor playground that is located in a warehouse. 

There are two large rooms with equipment that appeal to kids ages 0-10. Tables are provided for eating snacks or lunches that you can bring. They also have aquariums with all sorts of lizards to look at.

Jack had a great time. His favorite was riding a little roller coaster in the 2 and under corral. He could push the car up the track and then ride down it. He did this over and over. At one point I caught him standing on the car (at the highest point).

Another big hit for him was the train track that had a wheel that you turned with your hands to move the car on the track.

There are two large bouncy slide things. Jack wanted to try these but got intimidated any time he climbed on and started bouncing (these are definitely more for big kids).

We enjoyed visiting with our friends. The best part is that until age 2, KidVenture is FREE. We will definitely be back to visit in the future.

The only negative to the day was that right after we arrived, I took a moment to change Jack's diaper before we went inside. As I finished up, I heard a loud noise followed by a crackling sound. The entire rear window shattered and continued to shatter over the next 5 minutes. Thankfully the tint held it together and I was able to drive home. I have no idea why it happened. There was nothing on the ground that indicated it had been hit, moreover there was no one in the vicinity. This kind of threw me off for the rest of the day.

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