Monday, June 10, 2013

Princess Birthday Party

We like to tease my sister for the over-the-top birthdays she throws for her kids. She still throws a good party, but she is learning to scale back {a little} with the decorations and food and is figuring out how to get her party to do list {which was 8 pages long} done well before the day of the party.

As a family member that tries to support her party endeavors – being available to help with decorations and food, I can appreciate that she has improved vastly in this area. 

The first year I helped, I think we were up to close to midnight blowing up balloons and sewing streamers together.

This year the party was contained to the bonus room, but she made all of the grownups help with hanging streamers from the ceiling to form a tent-like feeling in the room. 

It was much easier than previous years, but still took some effort on behalf of everyone {especially the males in our family since they are tall... they also grumble the most}.

Anyways, the party was a big hit {I didn't expect anything less}.

The biggest project that Angela and her husband completed was a huge castle that they made out of boxes. 

The girls attending the party loved it {as did the two 1.5 year old boys who were running around}.

As usual, Angela hit a home run with her cake – this year making the ubiquitous "barbie" cake from a Belle barbie doll. The little girls loved it.

Besides playing in the homemade castle, the girls made crafts in the form of coloring crowns and making bracelets.

They also had a tea party – complete with Grammy's tea sets from Hong Kong.

Finally the cake. It was delicious. The little boys were happy to walk around and scavenge food {and cake} from the plates the little girls left in the wake of their playing.

Once again, great job little sister on your excellent party throwing skills! I will be relying on your help come November when a certain little boy turns 2!

I think that if my sister ever quits her job of delivering babies for a living, she could probably make decent money as a party planner for kids birthdays. 

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