Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jack is 19 Months

Jack is now closer to 2 years old than 1 year. Crazy.

A few things I want to remember from the past month...

Jack finally figured out how to climb out through our doggy door on the porch. Thankfully it is just a game to him and he hasn't tried to escape down the stairs into the yard yet.

We have a kiddie pool set up on the non-screened end of our porch (we haven't added water yet) and he enjoys having some autonomy to wander to the other end of the porch to play.

Jack has also become quite the helper this month. While transferring laundry from the washer to the dryer, I hand Jack the wet clothes and he is delighted to put them in the dryer.

While he loves spending time with his Daddy (especially in the garage), it is sweet that he wants to be where I am, too, helping me when he can.

Our cars continue to be a favorite pastime for our little guy. He will sit in the cars for up to 30 minutes at a time and gets very upset when we take him inside. He insists on having the keys in hand and wants to push all of the levers and buttons.

Words and Phrases: I think we can officially claim that Jack has his first phrase down. It goes like this: "Uh-Oh. Where? Fo (his word for Sophie)?" Or sometimes this: "Uh-Oh. Where? Truck (or tractor)?" Or "Uh-Oh. Where? Daddy?" It is his way of 1) realizing something (or someone) is missing and 2) asking where that thing is. He uses a variation of this phrase all the time. It is so precious.

Other new words include: uh-oh, where, one, bike, fruit, hay, bottle, milk (was ma), snack, daddy (used to be dada), dog, bird, read, choo-choo, potty, chair, up, down, more, all done, and outside (he has graduated from saying "side" to denote both inside and outside). I believe he currently has about 60+ words in his growing vocabulary. He is also starting to get names down. They are a bit awkward but this past weekend he really tried to say Izzy, Levi, Emily and Grammy. He doesn't quite have them, but he is close.

Really, at this point Jack has become a little parrot and will repeat almost anything we say. You can read about other words in his vocabulary here and here.

Teeth: Jack cut his first molars – two on top and one on the bottom. He is now up to 9 teeth.

Firsts: This month we took Jack on his first bike ride...

and to his first concert. He loved both experiences.

He also attended his first Princess Party. Though he did not dress as a princess (as can be seen by the Ghostbusters t-shirt he was wearing).

Jack also experienced his first time playing with the water hose. He was beside himself with excitement when we sprayed him while Daniel washed our cars. It continues to amaze me how the joy that Jack has from each new experience is so contagious. I never thought I would have so much fun running through the spray of a garden hose at age 32.

Height and Weight: Jack had a growth spurt this month and can now reach the handles on all of our doors. He has not yet mastered turning them to open a door, but he can grasp them and pull a door shut behind him. I believe that it is time to start tracking his measurements on a door frame. I have no idea how much he weighs, but I am carrying him around less as he is pretty chunky.

We are so very blessed to have this little guy in our lives.

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