Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A Quick Trip to Visit Family

Last week was Daniel's first week to be on travel status at Watts Bar (he will be in travel status through December unless he accepts a full-time position within the company before then). Travel status basically means that he/we live in temporary housing (hotel/rental house/camper/etc.) during the week and then come home on the weekends. 

To kick off this fun new style of living (cue sarcasm), Daniel stayed for a hotel all week while Jack, Sophie and I headed to Nashville to spend a little time with family.

On the way to Nashville we made a quick stop in Manchester to visit with Jack's Great Grandmother and Great, Great Aunt Thula. I think they adored getting to see my little guy. He loved that Grandmother gave him ice cream and they got a big kick when Jack discovered how to work Grandmother's candy dispenser. Jack was pretty pleased when he discovered he could access unlimited M&Ms.

After Grandmother's house, we went on to Smyrna where we stopped at Jack's Aunt Emily's house for dinner. Jack's Nana came over as well to enjoy a little visiting and loving on my boy. He had a blast wandering around Emily's yard and was especially happy when his Nana showed him how to work the foot lever on the trash can to make it open and close.

After dinner and visiting, we proceeded on to Hermitage to my sister's house where we crashed for the rest of the week.

Jack had a blast with his cousins. Our first day of visiting, cousin Izzy went to VBS and we took the boys to the park. Jack and Levi had fun with photobooth props when we popped in to pick Miss Izzy up.

The kids all had a blast playing together. We just had to do a little bit of supervising. Jack is not a big fan of sharing, so while this exposure is good for him, I have to referee and help him learn how to share.

Our second day in Hermitage, we took the kids to a little splash pool in Lebanon. Jack was a lot more timid around the water than his cousins. Izzy and Levi are pretty much fearless about everything. Jack takes his time figuring things out – which is OK by me.

Our last day visiting cousins, my sister took the kids to Chick-fil-a to play while I drove around to a bunch of different shops trying to find brown dress shoes for Jack to wear in his Grandpa Moore's wedding.

We had such a great time visiting family. I wish we could have squeezed in more visits, but we were all ready to get back home to Daniel by Friday morning!

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