Wednesday, July 03, 2013

See Jack {trip to Nashville, last week of June 2013}

This is an ongoing series of videos that I am sharing so that our extended family can keep up with how Jack is growing and changing in these early years.

All of the videos in this post are from our visit to see family in Nashville, the last week in June.

See Jack learn how to open the trashcan with a foot lever at his Aunt Emily's.
He was so excited that his Nana showed him how to do this.

See Jack play outside with his Nana and aunt. 
He had fun balancing on the garden edging and letting his Aunt Emily swing him around.

See Jack play in his Nana's car. #favoriteactivity

See Jack and Izzy ride a horse together.

See Jack eat ice cream sandwiches for the first time. Thanks for sharing, Izzy and Levi!

See Jack and his cousins go a little crazy before bedtime.

See Jack and his cousins play together with one toy car.

See Jack and his cousins play at the pool. Levi gets brave and jumps in with no fear.

See Jack and Levi get chatty while they wait for dinner.

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