Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jack is 20 Months

Is it really only 4 short months until our little baby turns two? Oh my.

We are definitely in the early stages of the "terrible twos." Jack currently has two ways of expressing frustration in the form of a tantrum: 1) He lays down (very carefully so he doesn't bump his head) and starts crying; and 2) He claps his hands or smacks his leg and makes an angry face. We are encouraging him to communicate with the words he has instead of just being upset.

His tantrums often have to do with sharing issues. Since he is our first child, he is essentially an only child and has no concept of sharing. We are working at helping him learn how to share, but it will be a process since he has limited interaction with other kids. From talking to other moms, it is nice to know that this is normal for his age.

Jack's vocabulary continues to grow and he is saying things more clearly. It is so sweet how he pronounces words. We are going to miss how he says "no" in his little baby voice.

Our little guy is learning how to beg. Last night at our life group, he went around and found the most gullible people to take him outside to see our friend's dogs. He also begged everyone for ice cream. Thank you to our friends who do such a great job doting on our little boy.

Jack has completely mastered stairs (going up and down). He has been tentatively taking steps down without holding on to the wall. We are encouraging this type of independence, but as the parent it can be a little nerve wracking and there is a lot of praying that he doesn't fall.

Our Jack Jack loves stomping in puddles and is smitten with his new rain boots from Grandpa Moore and Esther. We're pretty sure that part of the allure of these boots is that he can put them on and take them off by himself. We are also encouraging him to pick out his clothes now, but I still have to help him put them on.

Speaking of water, we have had the opportunity to play at several splash pads this month and Jack enjoys experiencing the spray of water. He is also enjoying having access to Sophie's water and food dishes. He likes to put dog food in her small bowl and scoop the water out of her big bowl. 

This month Jack experienced his first wedding where he was the ring bearer in his Grandpa Moore's wedding. My mama heart nearly burst as I watched my little baby walk down the aisle with such confidence.

He also got to watch his first fireworks show. Thankfully it was from the comfort of our bonus room, so the sounds didn't scare him too much. He was completely mesmerized by how the sky lit up with the different colors. 

Jack has been such a trooper with our current living situation. The past couple of weeks haven't been easy and we are so thankful that he just goes with the flow. We have spent a lot of time in the car and he has moments of frustration, but has handled the situation really well.

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