Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Things (Random, July 2013)

1. I'm thankful we never went the route of fully baby proofing our house. For the time being, we are essentially staying in a different place every week and Jack has been fairly good with knowing what he isn't supposed to touch and/or listening when we tell him "No." I have been saying "no" a lot these last couple of weeks, but he hasn't hurt himself or caused damage to any of our temporary homes.

2. I'm pretty sure that if we could snap our fingers and go ahead and move, we would settle on Signal Mountain without any hesitation. Too bad we have a house to sell and some other details to sort out before we can make that kind of decision. Easy access to hiking trails and the small-town, Mayberry-type feel while being a mere 15 minutes from downtown Chattanooga is really appealing to us. Not to mention the fact that we already have friends there!

3. Though if Daniel had the same job opportunities in Huntsville as he does in Chatt, I wouldn't mind snapping my fingers and move to the Blevins Gap/Jones Valley area in Huntsville.

4. I haven't finished a single book in almost two months! I guess that is what happens when you are in a state of transition.

5. Jack continues to say more words and is piecing together phrases. This week he started saying, "I know." I'm pretty sure he actually means "I don't know."

6. As if life hasn't been busy enough, Jack and I went home today for about 3 hours. In that time I unpacked the car, did laundry, repacked our stuff and left for Nashville. We are joining my brother, my sister and my sister's two kids on a trip to see our parents in Arkansas for the weekend. I have to say that Jack has been a real trooper with all of this weekly traveling. I hope that our 6+hour drive tomorrow goes well!

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