Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hike to Rainbow Lake I

We are staying at a cottage on Signal Mountain and enjoying the benefit of being close to our friends, the Reynolds (who we have known since our Charlotte days). Signal Mountain also has the added benefit of having easy access to Prentice Cooper State Forest. Our cottage is actually located a very short distance from the Rainbow Lake trail and parking lot.

Yesterday I had plans to run to the bottom of the mountain to grab groceries for the week. On a whim, I googled the Rainbow Lake trail to see if I could find a description of the trail (we don't have our backpack carrier with us, but I did have our BOB stroller). I came across this video on YouTube that gave me confidence that I could get down to the lake with the stroller.

So instead of grocery shopping, Jack and I ventured down the Rainbow Lake trail to see what we could see. At first the trail wanders next to the golf course before heading down to the lake. It follows a small bluff before zigzagging down to the water. 

There were three fairly steep spots. I rocked the stroller back so that I would have more control and we made it down without any problems.

Once we could see the dam with the water spilling over, I took Jack out of his stroller for a break and climbed down closer to the water. But not too close. After we checked things out, we headed back up.

Pushing the stroller back up the trail was tough. My calves were burning and I had to stop to catch my breath after each little climb. Thankfully it was a short trail. 

We did pass a couple of other moms hiking down with their older kids. I am sure they thought I was crazy to be out there with a stroller, but the BOB is great for this kind of trail. It was easy to push on the terrain – even over bigger rocks (and one log). 

We hiked around 2 miles (out and back). I had to turn around at the end because of a couple of trees blocking my way. It was a pretty walk. I think that Jack enjoyed the ride down. He fell asleep on the way back. So much for grocery shopping that morning!

Being so close to a forest definitely has some perks. There are so many trails to explore and they are all within minutes of most of the houses on the mountain!

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