Saturday, July 06, 2013

Play Date: Warner Park Spray and Play

We are staying busy, busy, busy this summer. 

Jack and I were invited to meet up with some of our long-time Charlotte friends, the Hydens and the Reynolds, at the Warner Park Spray and Play in Chattanooga on Tuesday.

I couldn't turn down a visit with old friends, so Jack and I loaded up Tuesday morning and headed to Chattanooga. We have certainly been burning up the roads these last couple of weeks.

We arrived at the park at 11am and were disappointed to learn that the pool didn't open for another hour.

With 7 kids in our group, we decided it made the most sense to hang out at the playground and eat our picnic to kill time before the pool.

I didn't realize that the park included an actual pool as well as the splash pad and didn't come dressed for the pool. I initially tried to keep Jack occupied at the splash pad, but it turned out that all of the kids would rather be in the pool, so I hung out on the edge of the 1-ft pool. Next time I know to bring a swimsuit!

The park costs $3 for adults, $2 for kids age 2-14 and is free for age 2 and under. Not bad for a fun afternoon.

The deep end of the big pool had a huge bouncy slide and an obstacle course. Life jackets are available for kids or you can do a swim test to avoid having to wear a life jacket. Courtney's oldest, Andrew, did the swim test and passed with no problem.

It is kind of hard to believe that I first met the Sara and Courtney when their oldest boys were just babies (in 2005)!

We had to leave sooner than everyone else due to Jack's need for a nap, but I am so glad that we were able to spend a few hours catching up!

The two pictures above are a comparison of Jack and Silas (Sara's youngest) from last year (June 2012) and this year (July 2013). Silas is about 6 months older than Jack. It blows my mind what a difference a year makes!

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