Monday, November 04, 2013

33 Reasons to be Thankful

My mom read the book One Thousand Gifts last year and shared with me the impact it had on her life when she took the time to list out the things she was thankful for, both good and bad. I have not yet had a chance to read this book but I believe strongly in writing out the things you are thankful for. I believe that the act of writing out your thanks changes you in the same way that choosing to smile improves your overall attitude.

The last few months have been difficult ones for a myriad of reasons, so today, on my 33rd birthday I wanted to focus on the things that I am thankful for.

1) Daniel. 2) Jack. 3) My parents. 4) My siblings. 5) My extended family and in-laws. 6) Life Groups we have been blessed to be a part of over the years (Cookeville, Charlotte and Huntsville). 7) Old and new friends. 8) Date Nights (though we need to make an effort to do this more than once a year!). 9) Girl's Night.

10) My faith. 11) The Bible. 12) Heaven.

13) Daniel's job. 14) Being able to stay at home with Jack. 15) Freelance work – even if it seems to only roll in when I have other stuff going on. 16) The internet allowing me to work from home (or from our various hotels, in other countries, or while on vacation!). 17) Social Media so I don't feel so isolated. 18) Blogging. 19) Goal setting and lists.

20) The Y.  21) Hobbies that I can share with Daniel and Jack like hiking, biking and camping. 22) Upcoming Holidays. 23) Electric blankets on cold autumn nights. 24) A good cup of coffee. 25) A beautiful sunset. 26) Good health. 27) Birthdays. 28) A good cup of coffee. 29) Books. 30) Chacos.

31) Being able to keep our family together in the same location week to week, even if it means some juggling to make it happen. 32) Having a flexible toddler. 33) Being in the final stages of getting ready to list our house.

I am blessed.

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