Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thursday Things

1. I celebrated my 33rd birthday this past Monday. 

2.  Daniel and I went on an ACTUAL DATE on said birthday.

3. Jack had a blast hanging out with our friend's kids while we went on said date.

4. Our house will be on the market soon.

5. Once upon a time, we naively thought it would be nice to be able to make an offer on a new house by my birthday.

6. Obviously that didn't happen. Not even close.

7. We haven't even started looking yet. Not really, anyway.

8. We need to find a semi-permanent place to live in the Chattanooga area by first of the year. gulp.

9. We have even discussed living in a camper again. It's definitely not off of the list.

10. I think we should live on a houseboat. That would be awesome.

11. Daniel is too frugal and thinks boat slips are too expensive.

12. We finally stopped using our cloth diapers. Staying in a hotel and carting dirty diapers home every weekend was too much of a hassle. 

13. Now if only we had the time to get a certain little toddler potty trained.

14. I have lost track of how many words Jack knows. He pretty much parrots anything we say. Recently he has begun to add an "s" on to many words. He wants to drink "waters" and eat his "yogurts." It is incredibly adorable.

15. Speaking of Jack, he turns two on Monday. TWO! We are planning to have a party the Saturday after his birthday. I'm a bad mommy and haven't found time to get the invitations done yet. 


  1. You are not a bad mommy... You are busy! Once I didn't have my son's birthday party until 4 months after his birthday. THAT's a bad mommy!

    1. That is funny, Wanda! I'm pretty sure that my mom had a year that her family completely missed her birthday – and she was old enough to know!!! We are super busy. The good news is the house is already super clean, so throwing a party shouldn't be too hard. We will just have to do cleaning afterward to make it sell worthy again. Thanks for weighing in :)


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