Friday, November 08, 2013

October Traditions: Annual Hayride and A Halloween Party

I am still playing catch up with my blogging, so this post is a couple of weeks late. Last month I wrote about our tradition of going to the pumpkin patch. In addition to this tradition, we attended our Life Group's annual hayride and then met up with some of our friends (who have toddlers) for a little Halloween party (unfortunately we missed Trunk or Treat this year due to our busy schedules).

The hayride was cold. As in 33ºF before the windchill.

Standing around the campfire eating chili and smores before getting on the hay wagon wasn't too terribly cold; but riding around behind a truck at those temps was really chilly. Thank goodness we wore lots of layers and brought a blanket to snuggle under. Jack had fun, even if he was cold. He enjoyed eating his first smore and excitedly pointed out the stars to us while we did the hayride thing.

On the actual day of Halloween it was warm and rainy. A perfect recipe for a possible tornado. Thankfully there were no tornadoes... or really bad storms for that matter. 

We gathered at a friend's home in Huntsville for chili (do you see a theme?). Before eating we attempted to take a group shot of four almost-two year-olds. Two of the kids sat complacently for the photo op. However Jack and one of the other little boys were just not into it. Basically Jack was focused on playing and Hudson didn't want to be stuck in a costume... maybe it will go over better next year?

Since these kiddos are not quite two we decided to skip the trick or treating. The kids don't know what that is and it was raining. Instead the adults enjoyed visiting and we let the kids run wild have fun playing together. I'm pretty sure they were all in toddler heaven. It was a great way to wrap up the month of October. We are going to miss these get togethers once we are officially moved to Tennessee, but hopefully we will make more friends once we are settled.

You might have noticed that we recycled Jack's costume from last year. Since he was almost 1 last year, we opted to buy a 2T costume (it was last minute, so it may have actually been our only option). So this is the second year that Jack was a cow. My philosophy is that he doesn't know any better and, as parents, we can do whatever we want. Maybe we will start a tradition of him being a cow EVERY year. Who knows. He was more interested in playing with toys anyways.

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