Monday, January 20, 2014

Creative Discovery Museum, age 2

Daniel has been working a lot lately. As in gone from our house over 70 hours a week. It's been tough for our family. Last week, Daniel was doing some testing at work (which meant even longer days), but it also meant he crammed in his hours in 5 days instead of 6, so he got to stay home on Saturday. Hurray!

Since Daniel was home (and it's been so cold out), we decided to take Jack to the Creative Discovery Museum in downtown Chattanooga. The last time we visited this museum Jack was about 10 months old. Looking back at those pictures reminds me of how little he was! While he seemed to enjoy the museum at 10 months, he really LOVED the museum at 26 months.

He loved the water table and learning how the bridges and locks around Chattanooga work.
Really, he probably just loved splashing in the water and Daniel had fun with the locks!

Then he discovered that he loved climbing in the playground above the water tables. With mommy in tow of course.

Then we found the music area and Jack had a blast with all of the instruments. He has been playing the drums on anything he can get his hands on... blocks at home are drums, plastic cups in the grocery story are drums, everything can be a drum!

After music, he went and dug in the dinosaur pit. There were so many kids that this activity was a bit overwhelming for Jack.

He had more fun pretending to be a baby dinosaur (his favorite make believe game).

We skipped a few other parts in the museum and headed upstairs where Jack loved the winter maze they had set up. He followed me through the maze and then worked his way backwards through following the EXACT SAME PATH that I had led him.

We even ventured out onto the upstairs patio and Jack played with the bubbles and learned about pulleys. We were just glad to get to spend some time playing outside of our house.

We decided to get a family membership and plan to go back to the museum at least once a week when it's not so hectic.

It was so nice to have Daniel home for two whole days this weekend. After the museum, we had a late lunch at Five Guys. There was a firetruck outside and Daniel and Jack were in little boy heaven.

After eating, Jack took a nap in the car while we drove around and looked at few neighborhoods we had not yet looked at. We have one more set of houses to view on Tuesday and then hopefully we will make a decision on what house to buy by the end of the week.

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