Thursday, January 09, 2014

Life Lately

I have had a nasty cold all week and am way behind on most things in my life right now, including blogging. This is a quick update with a few things I want to remember about Jack at this age.

While at the Pediatrician today, Jack kept insisting that he wanted to go see Sophie. He was almost in tears over this.

After leaving the doctor's, I ran by our house in Hollywood. I guess just to reminisce. It looks the same. Upon seeing the house, Jack started crying and emphatically saying, "Toys" over and over. I guess he associates our old house with his toys. Rightly so since that is the last place he saw all of his toys. The majority of his toys are packed up and in storage until we find a new house.

Tonight while watching Thomas the Train, Jack kept saying, "All Aboard" over and over. He even has the right inflection in his voice just like a conductor. It is adorable.

As for our PEd visit, in terms on height and weight, Jack is right on target, in the 70th percentile for both. His head size is now 80th percentile which is WAY BETTER than when it was 110th percentile.

Jack seems more and more grown up with each passing day. He insists on what he wants to wear everyday. He walks around with his hands in his pockets and is saying 4 and 5 word phrases/sentences. I love that he can pretty much tell us what he wants or needs. His most frustrating phrase for me is, "I'm not ready." He loves to use this phrase at bedtime.


  1. That bathtub picture is just too adorable. Cutie pie Jack! : )

    1. Thank you Maria! I may have to print the bathtub pic and frame it for the bathroom :)


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