Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Late Christmas

One of the benefits of living where we live is that we are a lot closer to Daniel's dad and his wife, Esther. Their house is about 45 minutes from our soon-to-be house. While not next door, by any means, it is close enough we can meet up pretty easily.

Because of our crazy life situation over Christmas (i.e. being homeless), we were not able to meet up with Wesley and Esther during the holidays. Instead we met for dinner during the week shortly after we got moved into our temporary house.

They were sweet and brought Jack's Christmas presents – which he opened in the parking lot. He absolutely loved the remote control airplane (from the Pixar movie "Planes") that they gave him. He calls it his "helicopter" because it has a propeller on the front.

Wesley and Esther often babysit for Esther's grandkids, so when we meet up, Jack has the added benefit of a playmate. On this visit they had Aubrey (age 3) with them.

This past Sunday, we met up with Wesley and Esther after church for lunch at Logan's Steakhouse. It's sweet that Jack is actually recognizing relatives and he called Wesley, "Grandpa" without being prompted.

On the note of seeing people more often, now that we are getting settled on the mountain, I am realizing just how "small of a town" Signal Mountain is. I have run into my friend Courtney at least 3 times recently (outside of the Y or church). It is a nice perk of living in a small geographic area.

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