Thursday, January 16, 2014

Where's the Joy?

I have come to the conclusion that stating out loud (or at least on the internet) that I intend to be intentional about choosing to have joy in my life may not have been a wise thing to do.

Since writing my blog post, I have had an intense chest cold that has lasted for more a week, Daniel and I have yet to decide on a house to buy (tick tock, tick tock) and Daniel (unexpectedly) had to start working 6 days a week. It's kind of hard to intentionally choose joy when I am sick, Daniel is gone 70+ hours each week and we have no idea where we will live in a month.

I am hoping that I will feel better soon. As for Daniel's work schedule, it is out of our control and we are going to have to make a decision about where to live. Hopefully in the midst of this harder-than-expected season of my life, I can still muster the ability to choose joy.

Jack sure has no problem being joyful.

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