Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cooking with Pinterest.4

Here are my thoughts on the Pinterest recipes I tried last week:

3-Ingredient Nutella Brownies via Instructables

I have seen variations of this recipe on Pinterest and finally decided to give it a try. According to the original recipe, the writer states that since Nutella already has fat, milk and chocolate in it you don't need a ton of ingredients. Jack enjoyed helping me make this dessert (especially since I let him lick the spoon). 

The brownies turned out great. My only complaint is that they fell apart really easily.
Parent Score 4/5 | Toddler Score 5/5 

Pizza Nachos via Inspired Dreamer with Queso Blanco Dip via Seeded at the Table

The recipe at Inspired Dreamer is incomplete so I used it as a starting point. I found a queso recipe at Seeded at the Table and used some basic instructions in the comments section of the original post. I used Cotija cheese for the Queso Blanco dip and it never did get to be the right consistency that I was looking for. It tasted great, but just wasn't runny like I wanted. Daniel thought that adding chicken to the dish would make it more filling (so we would eat less of it), but overall Daniel and I really enjoyed this meal but Jack wasn't a fan.

Parent Score 4/5 | Toddler Score 2/5

Quinoa Fried Rice via Cooking for Keeps with Stir-Fry Chicken and Veggies

This was a pretty delicious (and healthy) dish. The first night I served it Jack was not interested in it (even telling me he didn't like it). When we had it for leftovers, I let Jack put soy sauce on it and suddenly he loved it. So, not sure if he loved the meal or just the soy sauce. For the stir fry, I just chopped up carrots, broccoli, onions and green peppers and sauteed them in sesame oil, then added teriyaki sauce and soy sauce for flavor. After the veggies were cooked, I cooked the chicken in the remnants of the sauce. Easy peasy.

Personally I thought there was too much quinoa or not enough eggs (or both) for the fried rice. When we ate it for leftovers I heated it up in a pan and added additional two eggs to the mixture. This consistency seemed better on night two. This would be an easy dish to do meatless, just leave out the chicken (and eggs if you don't eat eggs).

Parent Score 4/5 | Toddler Score 4/5

My version of Blueberry French Toast Bake via Pioneer Woman

For Easter Sunday, we went to celebrate with my father-in-law and his wife and her family. It was potluck style, so I made my version of Pioneer Woman's Blueberry French Toast Bake (a holiday staple for me). I used my adapted recipe, which is slightly different from PWs recipe). Also, my grocery store didn't have blueberries of regular pita chips, so I used cinnamon flavored pita chips and no fruit. The breakfast/dessert was a hit. You can never go wrong with a PW recipe.

Parent Score 5/5 | Toddler Score 5/5

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