Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jack's First Easter Egg Hunt

I have this theory that at the age of 2, Jack doesn't really care what we do or don't do. Mostly he just wants to play. Therefore I don't often make a big deal about events or visits with family until the day they happen. 

He ALWAYS gets excited when we share the news, and I don't have to worry about his disappointment if things don't work out the way we planned. We have plenty of years ahead to learn how to deal with disappointment.

The point is that we didn't talk about Easter or the accompanying egg hunt until the morning we went to hunt for eggs. About 20 minutes before we left the house, I briefed Jack on what we were going to do.

I told him he would have a basket and he would pick up eggs. He wanted to know if we would "crack" the eggs after we got them. So I explained that they were toy eggs.

Daniel's mom, grandmother and sister Amy, came up to join in the egg hunt festivities. They arrived at our house just in time to head to the Alexian Inn for our egg hunt. 

Our friends, the Reynolds, were also at the egg hunt. Their two youngest girls are close to Jack's age, so they were all in the 3 and Under division for hunting eggs.

When the whistle blew, it was kind of funny to notice that the older groups of kids immediately raced off to hunt the eggs, while the 3 and Under group was caught off guard. Parents immediately started helping their little ones and snapping tons of photos. At this age it is easy to get down with the kids to take photos.

Jack knew what to do (per our talk) and immediately started picking up eggs. He filled his basket, not realizing that the eggs actually had stuff in them. When it was all said and done, he had a decent amount of eggs and we showed him how to open them up and find the goodies inside.

After the eggs had been emptied, we celebrated with cookies and lemonade.

Two day later, we attended Sunday lunch with Daniel's dad and his wife and her family, where there was another egg hunt. This time, Jack knew that the eggs had goodies, so instead of filling his basket, he opened each and every egg before adding to his loot. It was sweet and funny how he learned from the first experience.

As always, each new experience with Jack is a joy. We love to watch him learn about new activities and holidays. It was also nice that we were able to celebrate this holiday with some of our family.

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