Sunday, April 27, 2014

Love Where You Live: Road Biking

Last night, after dinner at our local Mexican restaurant, we decided to on a quick bike ride from our house. As we hopped on our bikes, Daniel mentioned something about a flat ride. Then he said something like "never mind." I should have been listening more closely because I was expecting a flat ride through our neighborhood...

Instead we made our way over to Shoal Creek Road which parallels Hwy 127 as it comes up the final leg of the mountain. This road is often closed when icy as well as on Sundays as it also functions as a local park. I don't know that the park has an official name, but there are signs posted along the road that say, "Park Rules."

The ride down Shoal Creek Road was fast and fun. It was great to let go and just coast as the road winded down. I was thankful to not think about anything for 30 minutes. 

After the quick ride down, we had a slow haul back up. Being surrounded my nature, it really wasn't too bad though. I think I would have preferred this ride in reverse (the fun downhill second), but then we couldn't ride from our house! 

Being able to take bike rides like this from our front door are another reason that we love where we live. We are looking forward to more after dinner bike rides! Our ride was 3 miles and took 28 minutes. Our max speed was 28.3 mph (going down) and our min speed was 3 mph (coming back up).

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