Saturday, April 12, 2014

Motherhood: Never Say Never

This happened back in April, 2014...

About a year-and-a-half ago, a college friend of mine blogged about an incident involving her daughter, her husband and poop in the bathtub. At the time, Jack was almost one and had only peed in the tub a couple of times. I'm pretty sure that I gave myself an imaginary pat on the back because my son had not done the unthinkable. Well, that was silly, all kids do things that are gross and not fun to deal with at some point in their lives.

Last night I had my own bathtub experience and Daniel was not there as back up.

Daniel was working late and I was giving Jack a bath before bed. All of a sudden I heard a noise like bubbles and Jack looked up at me and said, "I farted, mommy." Then I took a closer look. "Umm, no you didn't buddy."

Grossest thing ever. It was even worse because Daniel wasn't here to help. Being the adult I am, I tried not to throw up, or cry, or yell. I yanked him out of the tub and stuck him in the sink and washed him down while I drained the bathtub.

The toys and everything in the tub went straight into the washing machine with bleach and hot water. The tub will be doused with bleach later. A lot of bleach.

It's weird how some things are harder to deal with. We used cloth diapers for 1.5 years and they never bothered me, but poop in the bathtub, I CANNOT handle poop in the bathtub.

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