Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Hanging Out With My Little Brother

This past weekend my brother Mark came to visit. Ever since he left, Jack's first questions in the morning go as follows: Where's Daddy? followed by Where's Uncle Mark? I think it is safe to assume he enjoyed having his Uncle Mark around.

Mark arrived on Friday night in time for a brief visit and some block building before Jack had to go to bed.

Saturday morning was a little on the cool side, but sunny so we took Jack to play at the Pumpkin Patch playground. Jack had a grand time running around on all of the equipment. Mark and I both did the zipline but Jack still isn't convinced he should try it.

After the Pumpkin Patch we headed downtown and grabbed lunch at Sugar's Ribs & BBQ before heading over to the Creative Discovery Museum. Sugar's seemed really overpriced and you didn't get much for what you paid. Even their music costs – it only plays if someone uses the juke box. We were not impressed.

When leaving Sugar's we were surprised to a small parade that looked like it might be celebrating the Grateful Dead. I'm not sure what was going on but the floats were interesting.

Jack had a blast digging dinosaurs and playing at the Creative Discovery Museum – I don't think he will ever tire of that place.

On our way home, we stopped at Signal Point to show Mark the view of the river and valley below. I often feel the need to pinch myself when I think about where I live. 

We really enjoyed having Mark for the weekend. Jack loves when we get to visit family.

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