Thursday, August 21, 2014

Father-Son Day: TKO

Jack has become very fond of watching certain YouTube videos with Daniel. 

In particular, they like to watch anything that moves fast: cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes, trucks, helicopters taking off, and the like. 

Last week Daniel said he was thinking about going to watch a motocross race (the Tennessee Knockout Enduro) that was happening in Marion County and he wanted to take Jack on Sunday afternoon to watch the finals. 

I knew they would have a blast and had originally intended to go with them, but then I realized that preschool was about to start and I still need to get Jack's things ready.

So off my boys went to the woods to watch off-road motorcycles race. 

I can't pretend to know what it was like or give any relevant information about the event, but I do know that both Daniel and Jack had a blast.

It poured rain and Jack didn't want to leave. They came home wet, without shirts and Jack had blue lips, but all he could talk about was the motorcycles in the woods. 

We were meeting with our small group from church on Sunday night and I told Daniel we needed to be there at 5pm. He texted me at 4:40pm to say he would be home at 4:30. His phone was on central time and he had no idea! I told them to come straight to small group and brought changes of clothes for them with me. 

According to Daniel, he asked Jack on several occasions if he wanted to leave and he kept saying he wanted to watch one more.

They showed up at small group, wet and happy. I am glad they had the chance to go hang out together. I know they will be going to future events, though maybe next time they will wear hiking boots and take the BOB stroller with them.

An official video from the 2014 event via SeatTime.

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