Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Chats with Jack ⎮ July, 2014

For most of the month of July, I had the task of keeping Jack busy while Daniel worked long hours with very few days off. 

We celebrated July 4th, hosted one of my college friends, went to the discovery museum and library, took music classes, visited the zoo and played with friends.

Then the last full weekend of the month Daniel was finally off work so we went to a Lookouts game, took a fun bike ride, attended an outdoor concert and a movie in the park. It was a fun but exhausting month.

This month Jack enjoyed making smoothies on an almost daily basis. He also discovered Sonic slushies and now asks for them all of the time.

One of Jack's favorite games is to pretend that Daniel and Sophie are scary dinosaurs (or monsters or dragons). He runs away and then chases them in turn, all the while shouting, "there's a scary dinosaur" and roaring.

Jack continues to enjoying building with blocks and likes to try to build what he calls "the tallest tower in the world."

He is now tall enough to get water out of our fridge unassisted and loves playing with buckets of water on our deck – I just have to make sure the mess stays outside.

Jack has great balance and has been practicing walking on raised curbs unassisted. 

He has also mastered climbing on most types of playground equipment, unassisted.

And he likes to pretend to talk on our rotary phone (it came with the house, and works, but we don't have a land line hooked up). Evidently it makes a great toy! Jack is a bit confused though and thinks we need to charge it...

Imaginary play has really picked up this month. I love to see how his little mind works and how he views the world around him.

Below are a few of the things Jack is saying these days:
He calls raisins "errands"
He likes to pretend to drive a ship and says, "Aye aye captain" and "ahoy matey!"

A few of his favorite phrases:

"Yeah, I know." This is in response to when I tell him something.
"That's my favorite!" Right now, just about anything can be his favorite.
"No way!" instead of a simple "no" in response to questions that require a negative answer. 
He likes to say, "Ta da!" when he enters a room or when showing off.

A few funny things Jack has said lately:
About a week ago, someone asked Jack if he was ready for a nap and he said, "I guess so."
"Can I please have the salt, but not the pepperoni" (pepper)
"I need the chip chops" (chopsticks)
"Can I play the PS?" (piano)
"I want to go to old McDonalds." (McDonalds)

And finally a moment involving #mommyproblems with the official list of approved reasons to wake mommy up at 3am: 
You wet the bed. You fell out of of bed. You are sick. 
Not: you have a booger.

It's hard to believe that Jack will be 3 in just a few months! Or that he starts preschool in a couple of weeks.

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