Thursday, August 14, 2014

Paddling: Chickamauga Lake

One of our friends from Daniel's TTU days recently started a Wednesday evening paddling group on Facebook. Normally Wednesday is church for us and Daniel rarely gets home before 8pm in the middle of the week. 

But yesterday, everything aligned – the congregation we worship with is having Tuesday night speakers instead of Wednesday for the month of August, AND most importantly, Daniel was able to be home in time for us to meet up.

We had originally planned to take Jack with us, but at the last minute a friend offered to keep him. We plan to take Jack another night, but it was nice to just get to go out on our own – you really can't turn down free babysitting once you are parent!

So we met up at Chickamauga Lake (above the dam) at 6pm. The weather was just about perfect – not too hot with a nice breeze. 

Evidently it was a great evening for sailing because we saw tons of sail boats on the water! It was a little choppy, but not too terrible.

We paddled out to where a family of osprey's had set up house on a post in the middle of the lake. The mama and daddy osprey were none-to-happy to have us so close and started circling above our heads. Fearing they might decide to dive bomb us, we opted to turn around.

As we paddled back to our starting point, Shannon started to tell us of a time she was at Dragon Boat practice on this same lake and a sea plane landed. As she finished her story, a plane started circling overhead head. 

We joked that it was going to land. And then it did. We weren't sure if it was aware that we were below, so we made our way closer to shore, just to be sure! We also got to watch it take off.

I love that something like a plane landing on water can fill you with wonder, even as an adult!

We ended up paddling about 2.5 miles. Nothing major, just an easy evening out on the lake with friends. I think this counts as a date night.

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