Monday, August 18, 2014

Play Date

This past Friday night we watched Jack's friends, Charlotte and Audrey, while the rest of their family hosted a big kids sports-themed birthday party at the park across from our house.

While the big kids were busy playing kickball, basketball and other big kid games, the little kids had fun playing games of their own.

From creating their own games in our playroom,

to reading books, these little guys had a blast.

Jack and Audrey enjoyed playing a toddler version of Red Light Green Light. We would say, "Green" and Jack would yell, "Go!" and Jack and Audrey would ride their toys. Then we would say "Red" and Jack would yell, "Stop!" and Jack and Audrey would stop riding). They did this round and round our deck for some time.

We also went outside and let the kids jump on our toddler trampoline – Jack and Charlotte loved doing bigger bounces...

while Audrey was more apprehensive and preferred jumping by herself or holding onto Daniel's hands while she jumped.

The girls also enjoyed riding on Jack's little four wheeler. 

In particular, Audrey really seemed to like it. We showed her how it worked and she took off up our driveway!

Audrey was also brave and followed Jack up one of the trails in our front yard.

I'm so glad that Jack has some good friends and that they play so well together.

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