Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Surprise Birthday, Sorta

About a month ago my brother asked if I wanted to go with him to visit our parents in Arkansas. Of course, I said yes. It turned out that the best time to go was around our dad's birthday. Once we had a date I asked Mark to keep it a secret that Jack and I were coming – I thought it would be a fun surprise.

When we were about an hour from their house, my brother called to let them know when we would be arriving. Right off the bat, my mom asked if Jack and I were with him. Uhhhh.... So he said, "No." Hah. He flat out lied. Anyways, our sister had called to wish Dad a "Happy Birthday" and she mentioned that we might be coming. I guess in the future, we better tell everyone to keep it a surprise! Oops. They were still pretty surprised when we walked in the door, just not shocked.

Jack was so excited to see family. He ran inside and gave everyone hugs and told my dad, "Happy Birthday." After a few minutes of visiting, we got ready for bed. Then Jack did the sweetest thing and walked around and tucked everyone in. Pulling their blankets up, giving kisses and telling them to stay in bed until the sun came up. So sweet.

Friday morning we got up and Jack ate muffins while we waited for everyone to get up. My dad was awake, so Jack insisted on taking him a muffing and a glass of milk. I am loving this stage with Jack.

To keep busy, we did lots of playing outside. Jack checked out one of Grandpa's rabbits. He also enjoyed wagon rides and pretending to drive the lawnmower, and a couple of trips to the park.

Inside playing included wearing a helmet (almost all weekend), playing with lincoln logs,

and playing with a small guitar (mandolin) and on the piano (which he called the P.S. for some reason). 

Friday night we celebrated my dad's 66th birthday with Shrimp and Veggie Tempura (a family favorite)

and Pistachio Cake with a recipe that my mom has been making for close to 40 years!

Saturday morning Jack woke up and got dressed himself. He put on a polo shirt backwards. I told him it was wrong and he insisted that was how it needed to go. That was fine with me. I don't argue over little things, especially when he is doing independent things like dressing himself (later that afternoon my mom and Mark took him grocery shopping and a lady told my brother that Jack's shirt was on backwards, "why yes it is, I'm so glad you pointed out the obvious").

For breakfast Jack helped my mom make pancakes. He loves to help in the kitchen. We also spent time visiting with my Grandma (Jack's Great Grandma). She really enjoyed Jack's antics. Every time he would come in the room, he would make sure she had her little stuffed dog.

That afternoon we went to Riverside Park to play and followed that up with a slush from Sonic. Jack specifically asked for "a sonic." 

After playing and Sonic we stopped at my aunt and uncle's house to visit. Jack enjoyed all of the animals. He walked Susie around on a leash (she is a 9 year-old shih tzu) and then tried to coax one of the cats out from behind the couch with the help of Aunt Linda.

That night mom and Mark took turns reading Jack bedtime stories. After he was in bed, I enjoyed a game of Super Scrabble with my mom.

For Sunday dinner, my aunt and uncle came over and we enjoyed my mom's pot roast and mashed potatoes. Nothing like a home-cooked meal made by your mother! 

Jack insisted on eating with chip chops (chopsticks). Probably because we used them for the Tempura night. He liked to stab his food with the pointed end. Silly boy.

After eating, we said our goodbyes. It was a great trip and nice to catch up with everyone.

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