Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Mainx24 is a 24-hour long festival celebrating Main Street and the surrounding Southside, held every December since 2007 in Chattanooga. 

Over the last month I had come across several advertisements for Mainx24 so when a schedule of events came across my Facebook Newsfeed, I was curious.

The very first event listed was a Pancake Breakfast at the Fire Station on Main Street. I was pretty sure my guys would love this and I am always down for pancakes.

Daniel had a really long work week last week... He was only home for dinner one night and unfortunately missed putting Jack to bed a couple of nights as well. I knew he needed a break to do nothing, but we also needed to spend some time together as a family.

The Pancake Breakfast lasted until 11am, so I let everyone sleep in as late as possible and then we made our way downtown by 10:30. Win win for everyone, right? 

The cost was $5 for pancakes per person and it supports the local fire station. Plus we got to check out the fire engines. Jack (and Daniel) were in heaven.

As we finished up our breakfast we realized that a parade was starting outside. We hurried out and were thankful that we all had rain jackets on since it was raining. 

I don't know what it is about marching bands in parades, but they make me feel weepy. I am not a weepy person and this is not just pregnancy hormones. Every parade I see I tear up at the marching band. 

My favorite part of the parade was the BookMobile that came last. They gave a book to every child at the parade. We received a hardback copy of "A Star So Bright, A Christmas Tale" and Jack loves it.

The parade was fun and we saw some creative floats. Plus we got lots of candy to restock our candy supply at home.

After the parade, we wandered back into the fire station to check out the engines.

The breakfast and parade were the only part of Mainx24 that we attended, but it was a perfect event to kick off our weekend as a family. I look forward to going back next year.

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  1. Hi! Fellow Chattanooga blogger! I wanted to go to Mainx24 this year, but we didn't make it.


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