Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Twelve Years

This year has brought its share of difficulties. A miscarriage. Potty training a toddler. Daniel working longer hours than either of us like. 

In the midst of those harder days I have been thinking back to when we were first dating. As a starry-eyed young couple in love, we never considered the hard things the future might hold.

Daniel and I started dating in college. We were both 20. Many of our dates were spent laying under the stars sharing our hopes and dreams with each other. 

Never once during those conversations did we discuss the possibility of moving to new places where we didn't know anyone, family problems, hospital stays, unemployment, living in 2 different states (Daniel in TN and me in NC for 5 months)living in a camper, living in hotels, miscarriage, working extremely long hours, or the myriad number of difficult things you go through as you grow up and navigate married life. We had no idea what the future held.

Maybe the reason you don't consider the hard experiences that lie ahead is that no one would ever move forward with their lives if they knew how challenging it might be. If you really knew the difficulties, would you have enough trust in your partner to wade those deep waters together? I think marriage is about literally taking the plunge into the unknown and holding on tightly no matter what.

On the flip side, while we hoped and dreamed about good things in our lives, I don't think we could ever comprehend the good things that we have been able to experience together like the joy of becoming parents, the places we would go, or the things we could accomplish when we work together. 

Our lives are full of mountains and valleys and I am so thankful to have a partner on this journey, through the good and the bad.

We have been tremendously blessed, even in the hard times.
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