Thursday, October 29, 2015

Daddy's Night Out

I am a little behind on blogging – life seems to get super busy starting around mid-September and lasting through the end of the year. Juggling two kiddos makes me feel busier than ever. Anyways, I will be playing catch-up this week on my blog.

Last Thursday night was Daddy's Night Out at Jack's preschool. This meant that the dads got to go spend an evening with their kids at school. 

It involved a craft, snacks and a chance for the kids to share their preschool life with their daddy's. Thankfully Daniel was able to make sure he was home for this.

Jack was so sweet the week before the big event. He would tell us that there was going to be a "Daddy's Night" at preschool and that all he could tell us was that it was at his school and the rest was a surprise. He was so excited!

Evidently Daniel is 100 years old and has gray hair, according to Jack (he thinks all grown ups are 100 years old).


  1. Cheree...I enjoy reading your blog so much and wish I could comment more but am just too busy. We have 2 boys also. Your little guys are just too precious, and all of your posts are great. Maria (Texas)

    1. Thank you, Maria! I appreciate you keeping up with my blog and my boys. Life with boys, especially young ones, is certainly busy!


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