Friday, October 09, 2015

Fall Break 2015: Stringers Ridge

The boys and I are wrapping up Jack's 2015 Fall Break in Florida, but before we headed south we made sure to have some fun with Daniel (including a day trip to Ellijay, GA on Monday).

Like Monday, Tuesday was a bit on the warm side (mid-to-upper 70s), but still a good day to get outside. We decided that we would grab lunch from McAlisters, then walk up to the observation deck via the Cherokee Trail on Stringers Ridge for a little picnic.

Walking in the woods was actually the perfect temperature. The shade made it cool and it wasn't too humid. 

Jack found a stick (after we told him he couldn't throw rocks). The stick was good for walking, and also for hitting every other tree that he walked past. With little kids, you just have to go with it... whatever will help them finish the hike!

At the observation deck, we took some photos, then sat in the sun and enjoyed our lunch and the view of Chattanooga. Jack's chocolate milk was also a motivator to finish the first leg of the hike... As in, "If you keep walking, you can have chocolate milk when we stop."

It was so nice to be out enjoying the sunshine. The leaves are just starting to turn but everything is still fairly green. 
This is Jack's longest hike by far – we did 1.5 miles round trip and he walked/ran the entire way. Surprisingly he didn't take a nap that afternoon!

There are many more miles of trails on Stringers Ridge to hike and bike. We are looking forward to exploring all of them with our boys as they get bigger.

Fall Break Recap:
Ellijay, GA   |   Stringers Ridge, TN   |  Wakulla Springs, FL   |  Tallahassee Jr. Museum, FL   |  St. George Island, FL

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