Sunday, October 04, 2015

Play Dates

 Chattanooga Zoo

Since school has started up, I feel like we are busier than ever. Jack is learning so much already (at home and at school). 

 Creative Discovery Musuem

He is figuring out the days of the week and knows that Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are school days. He has also learned how to count to 100 (we practice in the car, I just have to help with the 10s). 

 Chester Frost Lake

On top of learning, we are also making an effort to do fun things on Mondays and Fridays with friends who don't necessarily go to preschool with us.

The Pumpkin Patch

Play dates in September included swimming at Chester Frost lake, visits to the Creative Discovery Museum, the zoo and the aquarium

 Hidden Hills Farm Tractor Day

We also went to a local farm day, took a family bike ride and are always ready to hit up our local parks (The Pumpkin Patch on Signal Mountain is our favorite, though having a park right across the street from us is pretty sweet, too).

Chattanooga Aquarium 

Jack recently convinced Daniel that they should take his powerwheels car and our four wheeler to the park across the street so that they could "play tag." This involves chasing each other with the vehicles. The goal is to get close and yell "you're it" and then the other person becomes the chaser.

Neighborhood Bike Ride

Isaac also got his first, brief, ride on the four wheeler. As usual, he could care less and was content to just hang out (even though the four wheeler is loud).

 Tag, you're it.

Another new game that is a favorite at our house is walkie talkies. We had a set from years ago and Daniel busted them out and recently showed Jack how they work. We play a form of hide-and-seek in the house that involves Jack hiding and us guessing where he is over the walkie talkies. I actually love this game because I don't have to physically go look for him. Also it is fun to give him orders over the walkie talkies and he tries to do the things we say.

This week is Jack's Fall Break and while I had dreams of doing a lot of outdoor activities, the weather has not been cooperating. Instead we are enjoying having Daniel at home and getting some things accomplished around the house.

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