Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Chats with Jack ⎮ January-March, 2016

Jack continues to keep us on our toes with the funny things he says. These days he just seems like such a big kid (especially when compared to his little brother). Age 4.5 has it's hard days, but the good far outweighs the more difficult things.
Stuff Jack has been saying this year...
Why aren't there any kid sisters in our family?

Aunt Becky, Joseph needs a consequence for not obeying. 
Said while visiting with family at Christmas,

J: Maybe a booster pack that's a special kind of jet pack it has to be attached our bicycles so we can fly over the street.
D: Is that right, Jack?

This is how I always get down here... Have I been here before?

Me: You need to brush your teeth so they don't rot and fall out of your head. 
J: That's called cavities!
Where does he learn this stuff?!!

One of the moms of Jack's friend asked Jack if Santa came to see him. 
Jack: Santa's not real.
This was an interesting conversation because we didn't make a big deal about Santa but we didn't officially tell him he wasn't real.

Me: What did you learn about in bible class?
J: Getting water from a rock. 
Me: Who got water from a rock?
J: All of the four-year-olds and some of the three-year-olds. 
They actually got water from a rock as part of their wee worship on Sunday morning.

Stop talking to me, you're disturbing my creative process. 
Where does he come up with this stuff, "creative process!?!"
Mommy, you're a can of poodles.  
and You're a poodle head. 
Preschooler trash talk??

Me: Is it still raining or is the rain changing to something white?
J: That might be bird poop. 
Me: Anything else that's white and falls from the sky?
J: Like poodles. 

When building with blocks: This square one is the electrical panel for my building.  
He's been talking about electrical panels with Daniel.

I'm a good trail runner. 
It (the map) says there is mud ahead. 
Things he said while hiking.

Boogers don't taste very good, right?
Umm, no they don't.

It was the next day before tomorrow. 

Fever is how you say "sick" in Spanish. 

Do you know how fast my excited shoes make me go?
We bought him new shoes and he is always talking about his "excited shoes."

Me: What does daddy do?
J: He makes money by working at work. 
Me: What does mommy do?
J: You work on the computer.

I'm ready for my next lunch (otherwise known as a snack).

Isaac keeps ruining this. And it's very special to me. 

Isaac is not a very good baby. 
Jack has been experiencing some frustration about little brother being mobile.
If we correct how Jack says something, he will say, "That's how we say it in Spanish."

Aunt Becky: Who cut your hair?
J: My haircut place. 

The telephone rang at my parents house...
J: Is that a telephone? I've never seen a real one before!

Jack was speaking gibberish. 
Me: Are you speaking Jack-i-nese?
J: No, it's French!

You're on the naughty list because you yell at kids.
I guess I better yell less to get on the good list!

Until next time!

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