Monday, March 07, 2016

Outside 365 | February 2016

Twenty-nine days has February (this year) and we got Jack outside for 22 of them. 

Isaac probably spent about half as much time outside... this idea of getting kids outside, regardless of weather, is harder with a baby.

This month had a few warm, sunny days, but mostly we experienced cold rain and heavy fog, and the occasional snow.

Have I mentioned that we are thankful to live directly across the street from a 3-acre park? Many of these days were spent playing at that park (or the playground at the YMCA). 

I would venture to say that one of Jack's favorite outdoor activities is to go to the park with Daniel after dark.

We didn't get a chance to go on a family hike in February, but we did embrace getting outside – regardless of the weather.

If Jack had to pick his most memorable outdoor experience in February, I'm pretty sure that our recent trip to my parent's in Arkansas would rank high on the list. He got to pal around with his cousins, exploring my parent's property. 

They also spent some time at a local playground where they learned how to use a teeter totter... Learning included Jack jumping off mid air and getting smacked in the face – some things you can only learn by experience :(

In terms of getting outside, February was a decent month with 22 out of 29 days outside. As the months get warmer, I'm looking forward to making the goal of actually getting outside every day.

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