Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Saying Goodbye

 Our extended family that was able to gather for the funeral.

The older I get, the more I experience the truth that weddings and funerals are the only times that (extended) family really gets together. 

In recent years it feels like there have been more funerals than weddings to attend... I guess that just goes with getting older.

My dad and aunt (in red) with 3 of their Cannon cousins.

About 10 days ago we headed to my parents house in Searcy, AR to gather with loved ones to remember my Grandma. We reminisced, laughed and ate lots of good food. 

It's easier saying goodbye to a loved one when they have lived a very full and long life, and when you know you will see them again one day.

Since all of our kids are still pretty young, we kept it light for their sake. We had a babysitter watch Jack and his cousins during the visitation and funeral, and picked them up for the meal with the extended family afterward. 

We saw old friends, parents of old friends, and extended family that we hadn't seen in a very long time.

My brother missed the gathering, but we did Skype with him after everything was over (he was in Brazil on a trip). 

Life has a way of happening and we are so grateful that technology lets us be connected even when we can't be there in person every time.

My kids had a blast hanging out with their cousins. Isaac showed off his crawling and cruising skills while Jack was in little boy heaven with cousin Levi. Izzy had a harder time since she is the oldest and the only girl to boot. 

We spent a lot of time letting our kids run wild – either at my parent's place or local playgrounds. I'm glad that it could be a happy weekend.

As our trip came to a close, Isaac developed a fever and seemed miserable. He kept shrieking so we had a feeling he was teething. Five days later two new top teeth popped through his gums.

It was a quick trip home, but we had a good visit. I hope we have the opportunity to connect with family again before the next funeral...

Before heading home we shared a dinner that included fried okra and blackberry cobbler – food is an integral part of our memories of Grandma so it was fitting to end the weekend with food that reminded us of Grandma. I hope she is cooking up a feast in heaven.

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