Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter, 2016

Easter weekend was fairly low key for us this year. We kicked things off with a party at Jack's preschool. It was a rainy afternoon, so we had to do the Easter egg hunt inside. 

Thankfully the kids didn't seem to mind. We labeled eggs with numbers and had each child look for a specific number. Jack's number was 1, so he could only collect eggs with the number 1 on the outside. 

At our next egg hunt he wanted to know what number he would be looking for!

We sent the kids home with a bag of peeps that said "HE is risen, tell your peeps." I had fun throwing together a little design for that.

On Saturday, Daniel's mom and grandmother joined us for the day and we took Jack to his third local Easter Egg Hunt on our mountain (two years ago Jack experienced his first egg hunt, and last year I was on the verge of giving birth to Isaac).

This was Isaac's first Easter experience, but we opted to hang on to him instead of letting him hunt of eggs. Next year he will join in on the fun.

This year Jack moved up to the next age group for our Easter Egg Hunt. Which means next year Jack and Isaac will be in two different areas and we will have to split up. It's hard to believe Jack is already old enough to be in a new group.

He knew exactly what to do and bolted for the eggs as soon as the air horn went off. I spent the next 10 minutes chasing him, attempting to take photos.

After visiting with friends, we headed home and spent time playing at the park across the street from our house before our company headed home.

Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of our Savior with the congregation we worship with. The theme was "Out of Darkness" and it spoke to the hours and days leading up to the rising of Christ. I hadn't really considered that all of the events leading up to the crucifixion happened during the course of the night.

After church, we collected our boys and headed to Daniel's dad's house across town. We spent the afternoon with his family, enjoying good food and company. 

Jack was incredibly sad to have to go home and leave all of the kids and fun. Unfortunately it rained that afternoon so we did not have another egg hunt.

Jack solved that problem with filling eggs with candy he already had and hiding them around our house so that he could look for them.

On a random note, at this phase of my life Easter feels very tied to pregnancy. Two years ago I had just discovered I was expecting and we were still staying mum about our news. A month later I would miscarry. Last year I was extremely pregnant and counting down the days until Isaac arrived. So much as changed in the last two years!

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