Friday, March 25, 2016


At age 35, I have come to accept that I have some issues when it comes to my hair. Namely I hate to get it cut. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable to go and have a stranger chat me up while they cut my hair. I don't know why, but I have been like this most of my adult life.

This translates to me getting haircuts about once a year. And since we seem to move fairly often, I always feel awkward knowing that I will probably only visit that hairdresser once.

Also, they always try to sell me on products, even though I am very clear about the fact that I am a low-maintenance gal. I don't color my hair. I don't style it. The best I do is put it in a pony tail or top bun. On a bad day, I wear a hat.

So, I always dread hair days. Always.

However, post baby I have been in major need of a cut. Around 3 months post partum I lost a ton of hair. It was falling out in clumps in the shower. For three months it took me an extra 15 minutes to shower so that I could pull out all of the loose hair. For a girl that only takes 15 minute showers to begin with, this was having a serious impact on my life.

Around 6 months post partum, the hair finally stopped falling out and started growing again. All of a sudden I had this little fringe of baby bangs. And it was noticeable. My mom actually asked at Christmas if I had cut my hair.

The problem was that while I sort of had bangs, I didn't really. There were too many long hairs mixed in. So I finally committed to getting it cut.

A friend recommended someone in our town. I called last minute, hoping to get in and she had an opening. I arrived and this lady talked with me about my needs and then proceeded to cut my hair without a lot of idle chit chat. Score! 

And then when I was ready to leave, she said they only took cash (which I did not have), so she said I could just come back whenever. Luckily I had money in my car, but who does that, who just says, "no big deal, come back whenever." Did I mention it was super cheap and she did a bang up job? (pun intended as I officially have bangs).

This cut was a long time coming. We went shorter than planned because I had a lot of new growth in the back and she needed to cut it short enough to accommodate the new hair. I'm just glad to have a good hair cut that didn't stress me out and that I didn't have to make small talk with a stranger!

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