Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

2017 Easter Egg Hunt #1 at Clear Creek Church.

Holidays have gone through a bit of an evolution in our household. Neither Daniel nor I are big gift givers and throughout our marriage we have been minimal in our celebration tendencies regardless of what we are celebrating (i.e. we never give each other gifts, for anything... but we do enjoy having experiences together).

2017 Easter Egg Hunt #2 at a neighborhood brunch.

However, now that kids have been a part of our lives for half a decade, we can see a shift in how we do things.

2017 Easter Egg Hunt #3 at preschool.

Between church, preschool, our neighborhood, and the actual day of a holiday, we find ourselves participating more fully than we probably would have imagined 10 years ago.

2017 Easter Egg Hunt #4 at Alexian Village.

Case in point:
This Easter we attended FIVE different Easter Egg hunts. On the one hand it feels a little bit like overkill. On the other hand, the people we spent time with at each of these events are important to us (and it was spread over three weekends).

Another way we have changed our ways is that for the first time EVER, we got the kids Easter baskets with a few goodies we thought they would like. This is an example of the second child getting something WAY BEFORE the first, but life happens and we find ourselves adapting.

We didn't go overboard with the Easter baskets, and a good portion of our loot from the Easter Egg hunts were shared as we went to additional egg hunts.

Really, it was a lovely way to spend time with people that mean a lot to us. And after five egg hunts, Isaac has this skill down pat.

First up was an egg hunt with our church family, complete with popcorn, a bouncy house, and a goodie bag in lieu of eggs filled with candy.

Surprisingly Isaac wanted to get his face painted (while Jack took a pass).

Then we attended a neighborhood egg hunt that included a potluck style brunch the Saturday before Easter.

I took advantage of loading my breakfast casserole and the boy's baskets into the back of their Gator and let them drive to our neighbors. It sure beat carrying it all in my arms or dealing with a stroller (Daniel missed this one while he attended a men's retreat with our church).

On the Sunday before Easter, I took Jack to an egg hunt at his preschool where we saw school friends and beloved teachers.

They also had a bouncy house. And cotton candy.

On Easter weekend, we attended our annual town egg hunt where we always manage to meet up with dear friends who are more like family.

We have done this egg hunt every year since moving to the mountain.

Jack was super excited when he remembered that this is the egg hunt where the kids get lemonade (in a box) and giant cookies afterward.

Finally we an egg hunt on Easter day at a family gathering at Daniel's dad and his wife's house. The little kids were funny searching for eggs. This egg hunt had the added challenge of eggs that were hidden and took a little more of an effort to find.

Daniel's dad was tickled that we had the boys in their matching Cubavera shirts that he and his wife had given the boys last year. Wesley has one to match so we were able to get some sweet photos of our boys with their Grandpa Wes.

In addition to the egg hunts, Easter baskets, and Easter dinner with family, Jack enjoyed getting to tour Jerusalem for the two weeks leading up to Easter at our church – complete with live animals during bible class. We were also blessed with time to worship on Easter Sunday with our church family, celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

We are so thankful for all of these people that are a part of our lives. We missed those that we were unable to see, but we hope they know how much we love them!

Happy Easter from the Moores!

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