Friday, April 28, 2017

Friend Friday: Aquarium Fountains

What is better than a warm spring day and an impromptu outing with friends to play in the local fountains?

We had originally planned on meeting at the Coolidge Park, but when we arrived we discovered that the fountains were closed for maintenance.

The kids were bummed, but we hurried across town to the Aquarium where the kids were delighted to plan in the fountains there. Honestly, as long as they can get wet, I don't think they care where they do it!

Their favorite thing is to slide down the smooth side of the cracked rock (I don't know what to call this, see video below). They would do it forever if we let them. Jack actually has warn out a pair of swimming trunks doing this, but he really loves it!

Isaac was thrilled to wade in the knee deep water and splash his big brother. The kids had a wonderful time and I was thankful for the opportunity to catch up with a friend.

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